Book chapter: Food, nutrition, and health in Montenegro

PublicationDate: Author: Aleksandra Martinovic and Slavko Mirecki

Abstract: Food is a global language; it is the primary form of cultural expression that joins people together. Being a strong pillar of the Montenegrin economy, food production sector still needs significant improvements through increasing the efficiency and competitiveness, primarily through application of new science based practices and contemporary achievements in this area that would boost innovations required for economic growth and prosperity. In return, a vast richness of the natural resources and biodiversity, coupled with different climate conditions in different parts of Montenegro has conditioned the creation of different valuable traditional food products specific for this area. Therefore, it is important to preserve this national heritage and boost the capacities of natural resources, through the joint actions between scientific community, producers, and government.

Keywords: Montenegro; biodiversity; traditional food products; protected designation of origin; protected geographical indications; traditional specialities

In: Nutritional and Health Aspects of Traditional and Ethnic Foods, Nutritional and Health Aspects of Food in the Balkans

Published by Academic Press

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