"Ensuring Global Food Safety - Exploring Global Harmonization"

"Ensuring Global Food Safety - Exploring Global Harmonization"
PublicationDate: Author: Aleksandra Martinovic, Sangsuk Oh, Huub Lelieveld

Director of the Centre of Excellence, prof. Aleksandra Martinovic is one of the editors of the second edition of the book "Ensuring Global Food Safety - Exploring Global Harmonization", published by Elsevier. In addition to prof. dr Martinović, editors are also prof. Dr. Sangsuk Oh, a professor in the Department of Food and Nutrition at Ewha Womans University and a former official in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and prof. dr. h.c. Huub Lelieveld, President of the Global Harmonization Initiative.

Ensuring Global Food Safety: Exploring Global Harmonization, Second Edition, examines the policies and practices of food law which remain top contributors to food waste. This fully revised and updated edition offers a rational and multifaceted approach to the science-based issue of "what is safe for consumption?" and how creating a globally acceptable framework of microbiological, toxicological, and nutritional standards can contribute to the alleviation of hunger and food insecurity in the world. Currently, many laws and regulations are so stringent that healthy food is destroyed based on scientifically incorrect information upon which laws and regulations are based.

This book illuminates these issues, offering guidelines for moving toward a scientifically sound approach to food safety regulation that can also improve food security without putting consumers at risk.


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