Work Packages

Work Packages

WP1: Establishment and management of FoodHub

This work package includes the establishment of FoodHub and overall administrative coordination and management activities. This work package outlines activities which will make sure that FoodHub objectives are met within scheduled budget and timescales.

WP2: FoodHub capacity building

To raise human capacities (numbers and competencies) to ensure their availability for the future development and to raise technical capacities of FoodHub in order to perform relevant scientific research. Human capacities of young researchers will be built through the elaboration of 2 doctoral and 4 master thesis in the IT and food safety area.

WP3: Building of the state of the art, cutting-edge laboratory for research and development of biosensor application

The objective of the WP3 is to utilize the cutting-edge multidisciplinary scientific approaches to analyze microbial food safety risks in Montenegrin food production sector. Genome-based technologies are facilitating innovation processes in many areas with a particular contribution in MRA where application of genomics creates a basis for the development of new and improved techniques for rapid pathogen identification.

WP4: Foodomics approach- Development of the Food Industry Hub

WP4 will successfully demonstrate the application of foodomics to gather nutritional information for the food products. It will enable collection of data on food quality and authenticity as well as on general food safety of the products on the Montenegrin market.

WP5: Implementing the FoodHub information system and data provenance platform

The objective of the WP5, being the core WP of this proposal is to set up the suitable platform for the fast and accurate evaluation of the microbial risks, networking of all the institutions involved in the food safety system of the country and accurate data for food safety management implementation. Unique database will be created with information on food pathogens, the response of these micro-organisms to the environment and various types of food on the market of our country, the characteristics of the foods consumed, the conditions of processing and processing of food and other elements of the food safety management system.

WP6: Outreach and dissemination

To promote the FoodHub, research results and to raise general public awareness regarding food safety and quality in Montenegro. Every six months the Information sheet will be published available for the public. Workshops for the high school students and talent scouting events will be organized. Specific trainings for the industry in collaboration with the Montenegrin chamber of commerce are planned to be organized at least four times during the project duration. Study trainings for researchers will be held in partner institutions.

WP7: Sustainability

This WP is designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of FoodHub through building and strengthening links among all stakeholders in the IT food production and food control sector, as well as with other sectors. Also, to create conditions for attracting funding from alternative sources, such as the provision of services, application for grants, generating revenues from the industry, etc.


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