Voucher of competitivness for the family farm „Miljanic“ from Niksic

Voucher of competitivness for the family farm „Miljanic“ from Niksic

Through a public call for applications for the Competitivness Voucher in the framework of the project„Introduction of innovations and digitalization of small and medium enterprises, a simple instrument for successful first steps“ BeSME project, a voucher of competitivness has been approved for the family farm „Miljanic“ from Niksic, which will be realized in cooperation with UDG FoodHub.

BeSME project “Enhancement of businessenvironmentand competitiveness of private sector ofMontenegro” is funded from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance 2014 (IPA 2014) of the European Union, implemented by Expertise France in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy. 

The main goals and activities that the researchers of the UDG Center of Excellence FoodHub implemented in cooperation with the farm "Miljanic" include:

  • Analysis, isolation and identification of autochthonous strains of bacteria from different dairy products (goat cheese). Testing of new probiotic potential and health-promoting properties. 
  • Consulting activities related to the specific application of cheese, whey and fermented milk production technology, and analysis of samples during the production, ripening and storage phase, as well as consulting activities and design of packaging and canning especially for new products. 

The production of soft brine and semi-hard cheese was performed, at the Miljanic cheese factory on the Miljanic family farm in Nikšić. Special attention was paid to the production of cheeses that are the result of the production activities of this company, i.e. cheeses that are already on the market labeled as products of "Farma Miljanic". The production of brined and semi-hard cheese is what makes the company recognizable on the market, so the goal of cooperation is to get the final product to be of even better quality.


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